When I told my friend Claudean about this project, she mentioned that a friend had recently given her husband a homemade cootie catcher as a birthday gift. And I thought, “what a genius idea!”

Can you imaging how stoked you’d be to get one of those? You can easily make your own and personalize it with your friend’s name and fortunes that relate to his or her life.

Or if you’re in a hurry — and forget to buy your friend a card — you can download this one instead. It’s an all-purpose, even-better-than-a-birthday-card paper fortune teller.

Sample fortune: I see cake and ice cream in your very near future. 50/50 odds on the cake being chocolate.

Download this PDF,, print, fold and try out your new fortune-telling abilities.

paper fortune teller, cootie catcher

No. 3 The "Next Best Thing to a Birthday Card" Cootie Catcher