A few weeks ago, I wrote a paper fortune teller called “Girl Scout Cookies and You” — a snarky take on why I can’t stop eating them. But a lot of people found it while searching for an activity to do with their Girl Scout troops. And I really like that idea.

I have some fond memories of Girl Scout camp myself (horses!, archery!), and I love the idea of  troops making their own fortune tellers. But to help get you started, I created a Girl Scout friendly cootie catcher you can print out.

(Of course, this cootie catcher isn’t officially connected to the Girl Scouts, but we still think it’s plenty of fun.)

Download this PDF, print, fold and watch some Girl Scouts find their fortunes.

daisy brownie junior girl scout troop cootie catcher

No. 41: A Cootie Catcher for Girl Scout Troops