I’m continuing my wedding paper fortune teller theme with one for kids.

If you’re inviting kids to your wedding, they tend to be pretty good at entertaining themselves. And, heck, they’ll probably entertain some of your guests, too, with a few moves on the dance floor.

But I think it’s fun to provide a little extra entertainment for your smallest guests. We had a photo booth at our wedding, and the kids made some of the most creative photo strips. But there are low-tech ways to entertain them, too.

I made an “eye spy” cootie catcher where every fortune gives kids something to find at your reception. These would be fun to put at their place settings, so they’ll have something to do if they need to sit down for any formal parts of your reception.

Download this PDF, print, fold and delight your youngest guests.

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No. 98: Wedding Cootie Catcher #2 (For Kids)