Umm, I love to eat tasty foods that I didn’t cook. Even better when it comes with a cocktail and a table full of friends. Which is a long winded way of saying that I like to eat at awesome restaurants in big and small groups.

The one drawback is splitting the check. You need to bring cash or try to figure out how to divide it among credit cards (and annoy the wait staff). Most of the time this all goes off without a hitch.

But once in a blue moon someone doesn’t pay enough. Everyone looks at the bill, does the mental math then tosses in some cash. The last person–or, really, the group mom–counts the pile to make sure you have sufficient funds to pay the tab and cover a nice tip to boot.

It’s always a bummer when it’s short. Especially when you know you paid enough. Who didn’t pay a fair share? This paper fortune teller knows.

Download this PDF, print, fold and unmask the culprit.