Just a friendly heads-up to all you cootie catcher fanatics: Sunday is April Fool’s Day.

That’s right. A day of pranks, jokes and looking over your shoulder. We think all pranks should involve the classic rubber chicken. Then they’d be easy to spot. But, oh no. Your friends are much too clever and cunning for such an obvious ruse.

They’re going to fake pregnancies and phone calls from police detectives. Or create some maddening disturbance in your cube that makes everyone hate you for a day. All while keeping a straight face.

Luckily, we’ve created this paper fortune teller to help you separate the truth from a prank.

Just download this PDF, print, fold and avoid embarassment.

Were you hoping for prank ideas? Just print out the Will You Get Fired? or Are You With Child? cootie catchers and place them strategically in your victim’s path.

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