Yep, that’s me as a Mad Men character on the left. In case it isn’t obvious, I’m the curvy blonde in the middle. (You can Mad Men yourself right here.)

I’m super excited that the new season is finally here, and I think half the fun of watching is thinking about which Mad Men character you’d be. You know, if you could time travel back to this fictional TV office universe.

As much as I’d like to imagine that I’d be a sex pot like Joan or Megan, I think Peggy is probably more my speed. We’re both copywriters and a little overly obsessed with our careers. And, well, fashion and make-up really aren’t my things.

So how about you? Which character do you wish you could be for a week? And which one are you most like in real life?

This cootie catcher can answer the latter. Just download this PDF, print, fold and find out. Please share which character you got in the comments–and why you are or aren’t like him or her!

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