paper fortune tellers for adultsWatch out world! The cootie catchers are here. It’s the official release day for Fold Me Up! 100 Paper Fortune-Tellers for Life’s Pressing Questions. Just tear them out, fold them up and find your fortune.

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If you’re a fan of the site, these are all brand new! I worked with a talented designer named Kelly Stokes Kofron to make each one come alive, and we partnered with 10 guest illustrators to bring even more wonderful art into the book.

paper fortune tellers for grown-ups

Find your 80s movie alter ego with this cootie catcher.

It’s just $12 from most online stores, and you’ll get a jump on your Christmas shopping! Plus, it’s nice to have some back-up to help you answer the tough questions:

-Am I a good kisser?
-Will robots take over?
-Am I ninja material?
-Will my cat video go viral?


Plus, there are blank cootie catchers, so you can fill in your own fortunes. You’ll also find cootie catchers that double as birthday cards, wedding favors and totally painless baby shower games.

Hope you enjoy!

fun paper fortune tellers

How many kids will you have? These bunnies have answers.

oddball paper fortune tellers

Is there a serial killer in the closet? Better consult this paper fortune-teller