photoThis picture shows off a very small portion of my vintage Sassy Magazine collection. Yes, it’s true. I’m a 37-year-old woman with a huge stash of teen mags from the early 90s.

In high school, my best friend and I would covet each issue together. Slowly paging through as we read about zines, the Sassiest Girl in America and generally wishing we were editor in chief Jane Pratt.

For two girls in Iowa (pre-Internet) it was a lifeline to a different sort of girl culture. These days girls have an equally rockin’ publication to read called Rookie, and it’s helmed by the amazing and talented Tavi Gevinson.

In celebration of smart teen magazines–and kick-ass teen girls–everywhere we’re doing a special “Are You Tavi Gevinson?” cootie catcher. It’s a guest contribution by my talented friend Grace Dobush (writer, crafter, general ass kicking).

She schooled me in the ways of Tavi and Rookie. Then wrote some kick-ass fortunes for all of us who wish, at least in the shower, that we could be Tavi. And isn’t that all of us?

Download the PDF right here. Print it out, fold it up and find out if you’re cut out to be Tavi.

paper fortune teller, cootie catcher