Are you wishing for a white Christmas? Or are you in the white death camp?

Me, I love snow, but I hate the TV weather people. They jump up and down like there’s an apocalypse every time there’s even a chance of a dusting. Then I’m crushed when there isn’t enough for a good snowball fight.

It makes it difficult to plan your time. Can you stay up late and have that spiked cider? Safe in the knowledge that a blizzard will wipe away your responsibilities tomorrow? Or is it all a ruse?

Now you can turn off the news and find definitive answers with this cootie catcher. Just download this paper fortune teller, print it out, fold it up and find out the real weather forecast.

Go ahead, you know you’re wondering, “Will it really snow?”

Free printable cootie catcher: Will it really snow? Download this fortune teller to find out.