When I was four, I LOVED that ballerina doll, but a few years later, I discovered the wonder of cootie catchers. Those little handmade paper fortune tellers that let you predict the future of your grade-school classmates. Would your best friend grow up to live in a trailer or a mansion?

These days I don’t spend  nearly enough time experiencing the sense of joy and wonder my 7-year-old self reaped from a simple paper fortune teller. So I decided to make a cootie catcher every day for a year, and they’re all designed to bring more fun and humor into adult life. Wish me luck!

Want to know more about me? My name is Michelle Taute. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, with my husband, a lazy coonhound and a super furry cat. This is how I make a living. And where I eat brunch more Sundays than not. You can email me here: michelle@michelletaute.com Or follow me on Twitter: @michelletaute

A big thank you to Tricia Bateman for designing my blog header and the cootie catcher template. And to Noah Scalin for inspiring me with his Skull-A-Day project and 365: A Daily Creative Journal.