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Cut them out. Fold them up. Have fun.

A grown-up twist on a childhood classic—exquisitely designed paper fortune-tellers. Cootie catchers aren’t just for kids anymore! These 100 paper fortune tellers provide a fresh take on a childhood favorite with answers/strategies for handling tough adult situations and answering important life dilemmas like:

Should you have another cocktail?
What Jane Austen heroine are you?
Your ’80s movie alter ego
I’m breaking up with you (with this cootie catcher)
What would Mr. T do?
The hipster wedding decoration
Important messages from cute puppies
Emergency excuse generator

Each fortune teller features a unique and colorful design created specifically for this collection, including contributions from such design luminaries as Noah Scalin (creator of the Skull-a-Day project), Stefan Bucher (creator of, textile designer Jessica Jones, illustrator Lisa Congdon and more. (There are even a few blank ones so you can get out what’s on your mind.)