Free Printable! Valentine’s Day Cootie Catcher Illustrated by Lisa Congdon

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Free printable! Valentine's Day Cootie CatcherOne of my absolute favorite parts about putting together a paper fortune-teller book was working with a whole bunch of super-talented illustrators. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Lisa Congdon agreed to illustrate this love-themed cootie catcher for the book.

And now it’s available as a free printable download on her blog — just in time for Valentine’s Day! So ditch the drugstore card this year and fold up this wonderful little paper craft for your significant other instead. It’s full of some really fun lovey-dovey messages. Just a few of our favorites:

-I love you more than pizza rolls. And hula hoops. And funny internet videos.
-If I wasn’t such a nature-loving hippie, I’d carve our initials into a tree with a heart around them.
-You make me go weak in the knees and sometimes, strangely, the elbows, too.

A free printable paper-fortune teller illustrated by Lisa CongdonIt’s also perfect for anniversaries, special dates or anytime you want to let that special someone know how you feel. Download the free PDF right here. Happy folding!

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Free printable cootie catcher: Should I have another cocktail?

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cocktailIt’s almost New Year’s Eve. Basically, one of the best excuses to drink cocktails all year long. I’m not afraid to order a pink, girly one as long as its well-mixed, preferably by a cute bartender.

But, sometimes, there comes a point in the night when you must make a crucial decision: Should I have another cocktail?

There’s a fine line between happily tipsy and being asked to leave the bar. To help you navigate these tricky waters, we present you with this paper fortune teller for guidance.

It’s a hilarious to fold up and throw on the coffee table at your party. Or to whip out at the bar when one of your friends get just a little bit obnoxious. Laughs guaranteed.

Plus, it’s wickedly illustrated by my friend Katy Fischer (one of 10 guest illustrators who appear in my paper fortune-teller book). She’s a creative director at a cool agency in St. Louis called TOKY and does all kinds of awesome stuff on the side. Also, I not-so-secretly wish she’d move closer and become my new best friend (Hi, Katy!).

Go ahead, download this paper fortune teller, print it out, fold it up and find your drinking fortune.

Free printable paper fortune teller: Should I have another cocktail?

Free printable paper fortune teller: Should I have another cocktail?

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Free Printable Cootie Catcher: Will It Really Snow?

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Are you wishing for a white Christmas? Or are you in the white death camp?

Me, I love snow, but I hate the TV weather people. They jump up and down like there’s an apocalypse every time there’s even a chance of a dusting. Then I’m crushed when there isn’t enough for a good snowball fight.

It makes it difficult to plan your time. Can you stay up late and have that spiked cider? Safe in the knowledge that a blizzard will wipe away your responsibilities tomorrow? Or is it all a ruse?

Now you can turn off the news and find definitive answers with this cootie catcher. Just download this paper fortune teller, print it out, fold it up and find out the real weather forecast.

Go ahead, you know you’re wondering, “Will it really snow?”

Free printable cootie catcher: Will it really snow? Download this fortune teller to find out.


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No. 184: Is it a prank?

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Just a friendly heads-up to all you cootie catcher fanatics: Sunday is April Fool’s Day.

That’s right. A day of pranks, jokes and looking over your shoulder. We think all pranks should involve the classic rubber chicken. Then they’d be easy to spot. But, oh no. Your friends are much too clever and cunning for such an obvious ruse.

They’re going to fake pregnancies and phone calls from police detectives. Or create some maddening disturbance in your cube that makes everyone hate you for a day. All while keeping a straight face.

Luckily, we’ve created this paper fortune teller to help you separate the truth from a prank.

Just download this PDF, print, fold and avoid embarassment.

Were you hoping for prank ideas? Just print out the Will You Get Fired? or Are You With Child? cootie catchers and place them strategically in your victim’s path.

free printable, cootie catcher, paper fortune teller

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No. 176: Naughty or Nice?

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Were you naughty or nice this year?

I know, I know. That’s really between you and Santa. But since he keeps that list close to his beard, we thought you might need a little feedback on how you’re doing.

Enter the naughty or nice cootie catcher. It has mystical insight into your standing on Santa’s list.

So what are you waiting for?

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out what Santa thinks.

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No. 175: Your Merry Christmas Fortune

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I’m a big believer in Christmas cards. It’s a great way to stay in touch with far-flung family and friends.

But sometimes, all the cards I find seem totally “meh.” This year I may just send everyone cootie catchers instead.

This is a great one to start with–it gives the receiver fun, funny and slightly sarcastic fortunes for the holiday season.

And we’re betting it brings a lot more joy than one of those cards from a boxed set.

Download this PDF, print, fold and mail it as your Christmas card.


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