No. 144: Pick a College Major

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A few lucky people just know what they want to do. The rest of of us flop about like fish out of water for a little bit, overwhelmed by the question, “What am I going to do for the rest of my life?”

Yeah, I know. That’s a little overly dramatic. People change careers. Your major doesn’t necessarily determine your job.

But I do remember feeling all this pressure when it came time to declare a major in college. It seemed like this huge, ginormous commitment. It felt, well, so …  permanent.

I freaked out a bit. Even though I was pretty sure I wanted to be a writer.

So to save today’s college students some hand-wringing, I’ve created this Pick a College Major paper fortune teller. To provide some guidance and maybe a few laughs. And if you choose wrong the first time, there’s always grad school.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find your future career.

No. 144: Pick a College Major

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No. 140: Which movie to see?

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Sometimes you know exactly what movie you want to see.

But others, there’s no clear consensus. Maybe you want to see an art-house flick while your significant other wants to catch the new action movie. Or perhaps there’s a whole group of folks involved and no one can make a decision.

This is when you turn to the “Which movie to see?” cootie catcher. It can resolve the issue before a conflict erupts. Useful for seeing movies with anyone from boyfriends to parents.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out which tickets to buy.

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No. 130: Are You a Hippie?

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Oh, hippies. You either love them or hate them. Maybe you even dated one in college. Or pretended to be one while you trailed a favorite band for a week or two.

Who knows? You might even secretly aspire to hippie-dom. Or think that would pretty much be the worst fate in the world. Worse than spiders crawling into your mouth while you sleep.

This whole thing could get as controversial and surreal as an episode of Sister Wives. Not that we’ve ever watched that or anything.

No matter where you stand in this hippie debate, it’s helpful to have a way to suss them out. This official paper fortune teller hippie detector can help you tell friend from foe. And uncover your true hippie status.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find your fortune.

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No. 127: Will You Get Caught?

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Sometimes you want to do something you’re not supposed to really do. Or, hey, maybe you have that feeling once a day or something. We’re not judging.

It might be the urge to skip out of work early on a perfect summer day. Or tell your grandma a white lie, so you don’t have to explain to her how you can move in with your boyfriend without going to hell.

There are all kinds of possibilities, from the trivial to the criminal. Often, it’s our conscience that stops us from doing all this stuff. But other times we’re just worried about getting caught.

If you knew whether you’d get busted, it might make your whole decision process easier. Enter this handy, dandy cootie catcher. Friend of would-be rule breakers everywhere.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find your fortune.

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No. 127: Will You Get Caught?

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No. 120: Can You Quit Caffeine?

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I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like coffee. But a Coca-Cola? Poured over a glass of ice?

Now you’ve hit upon my weakness. I stopped counting how often I’ve tried to give up this delicious combination of sugar and caffeine. In fact, I gave up on giving Coke up just this year.

Instead, I just try to keep my consumption levels reasonable. Say a couple times a week. In between, you’ll find me downing lots of hot and cold tea. It has antioxidants, right? And not quite so much caffeine?

So what about you? Do you aspire to give up caffeine? Not sure you can do it?

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out your caffeine fate.

No. 120: Can You Quit Caffeine?

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No. 108: You can do it!

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Sometimes we all need a little encouragement.

Maybe you’re working on a big project at work. Trying to work up the nerve to ask someone out on a date. Or tackling a creative project.

It’s all too easy for those self doubts to creep in. We’d like you to consider this paper fortune teller as your personal cheerleader.

Break it out whenever you need a few kind words to spur you on.

Download this PDF, print, fold and get a little boost from your fan club.

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No. 108: You can do it!

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