No. 99: Wedding Cootie Catcher #3 (Bride and Groom Trivia)

Posted by on May 30, 2011 in Love, Special Occasions | 2 comments

It’s still wedding week here on The Daily Cootie Catcher.

Some wedding traditions are a little cheesy. (I’m not a big fan of the bouquet toss.) But it can be fun to have a few little things to help guests get into a celebratory mood.

These bride and groom trivia fortune tellers are full of questions about the happy couple. Put one on each table as a way to start conversation between guests. Or make it a friendly competition among tables with a prize toward the end of the night.

You can make answer keys and hide them under the centerpieces or share the answers with everyone over the microphone. It’s all up to you.

Download this PDF, print, fold and see who knows your story best. A special prize to the first person who knows the correct answers to all these questions about Tom and I. (Email me or leave your answers in the comments.)

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No. 99: Bride and Groom Trivia

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No. 97: Wedding Cootie Catcher #1 (All Purpose)

Posted by on May 28, 2011 in Love, Special Occasions | 2 comments

Since my first wedding anniversary was last week, I decided to do a series of wedding-themed paper fortune tellers.

I thought about making some of these for my own wedding (at left — thanks Nathan Peel for the awesome pics!), but I just ran out of DIY time.

But now that I’m not in the thick of wedding planning, I’m making a series of them for all the other brides of the world.

This one’s all-purpose. It’s filled with fun little wedding related fortunes to help your guests enjoy the event.

Just print them out on some pretty paper and stick one on every table. Fast, fun, creative and easy on the wallet. They can even double as favors.

Download this PDF, print, fold and add a little more fun to your wedding.

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No. 96: The Marriage Proposal Cootie Catcher

Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Love, Special Occasions | 0 comments

Last weekend was my first anniversary, so I think it’s high time I made some wedding related cootie catchers.

I’ll have paper fortune tellers you can use at your wedding or bridal shower later this week (there’s already one for bachelorette parties here). But before you can start planning the big day, you need to make it past the proposal.

Sure, you could do the whole dinner, flowers, down on one knee thing. Or you could get a little creative. How many people do you know who proposed via cootie catcher? Exactly.

Download this PDF, print, fold and work up the nerve to pop the question.

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No. 96: The Marriage Proposal Cootie Catcher

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No. 90: Bachelorette Party Truth or Dare

Posted by on May 21, 2011 in Love, Special Occasions | 0 comments

Throwing a bachelorette party can be fun. But it can also be stressful.

How are you going to keep everyone entertained and having fun?

I once created an elaborate scavenger hunt for a friend called “The Amazing Bachelorette Race.”

But I think you can spice things up without so much work (it took a lot of time to plan and execute a full-scale scavenger hunt).

To spice up a night out, I created this Truth or Dare cootie catcher. It’s a twist on the classic game. The cootie catcher either gives you a dare or a question to answer. Think of it as luck of the draw.

Take it with you on the town and make the bride choose a fortune at each bar. Or pass it around to spread the fun and laughs.

Download this PDF, print, fold and have a blast!

No. 90: Bachelorette Truth or Dare

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No. 70: Are You a Good Kisser?

Posted by on Apr 24, 2011 in Love, Problems | 0 comments

Do you remember your first kiss? Mine was REALLY wet.

And accompanied by some nerves. Am I any good at this? A thought that crosses everyone’s mind at one time or another.

Sure, we all think we’re all good kissers once we have a little experience under our lips. But we can’t all be good kissers, right? Because we’ve all had less-than-stellar kissing experiences.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out how your kisses rate.

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No. 70: Are you a good kisser?

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No. 63: Ridiculous Pick-Up Line Generator

Posted by on Apr 17, 2011 in Love, Misc. | 0 comments

Sometimes it’s fun to get hit on. Mostly it’s annoying.

When I was in my 20s, an 85-year-old man in my neighborhood repeatedly proposed to me on the street. He would compliment my looks then ask whether or not I had a husband. Then he always offered up himself to fill the job.

He was sweet, so it always made me laugh. And I suspect he proposed to all the young women in the neighborhood.

But many other ill-thought pick-up lines I’ve tried hard to erase from my brain. Here we bring you a Ridiculous Pick-Up Line Generator for some laughs.

Download this PDF, print, fold and try to pick someone up at your own risk.

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No. 63: Ridiculous Pick-Up Line Generator


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