No. 187: Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012 in Kids, Places | 2 comments

When I tell people I make cootie catchers, they often say, “What the heck is that?” But once in a while someone gets super-duper excited and starts talking a gazillion miles an hour about MASH fortunes.

It’s THE classic paper fortune teller. MASH stands for “Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House.”

These specialized little cootie catchers look into the future and tell you what kind of digs you’ll live in when you grow up. (Or, hey, if you’re an adult, I’d say it’s a 10-year prediction.)

Of course, no one wants the shack. But it’s in there for comic relief. So your friends can imagine you roughing it while they count the rooms in their future mansions. If your friends really love you, maybe they’ll build you a shack out by the pool.

Luckily, you don’t even have to make your own to try it out. Just download this PDF, print, fold and have some fun.

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No. 170: Does your breath smell?

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So bad breath.

We’ve all experienced a waft of horrible breath from someone else. And let’s face it, at times, we’re the ones breathing out horrible smells.

The important thing here is your average. Is your breath good most of the time? Or does it smell most of the time?

It’s hard to know. Even your friends don’t want to point out this little flaw to your face. Luckily, this cootie catcher doesn’t have very good manners.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out the truth.

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No. 137: Official Pool Pee Detector

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I only make it to the pool a few times of year, but I still think of it as one of the great joys of summer.

You can sit outside in a lounge chair with a favorite book and gaze at the water. Then hop in whenever it gets a little too hot for comfort.

But you know what always happens when I’m at the pool? I have that nagging doubt about the water. Is there pee in there? Sometimes I even suspiciously eyeball other pool patrons to see who might be guilty.

But I think we’ve all wondered about pee in the pool at one time or another. And this official pool pee detector is here to help. Just don’t dunk it in the water. Use it poolside or while thinking about your favorite swimming hole.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out the truth.

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No. 91: Around the Campfire

Posted by on May 22, 2011 in Places | 0 comments

Now that it’s summer, I’ve started thinking a lot about camping.

I love the woods and sleeping in a tent, but every year I don’t seem to get out in the wilderness quite as much as I’d like.

But this year I’m determined to set aside a few weekends to break out the tent and sleeping bags. And perhaps best of all, sit around the campfire talking.

To that end, I’ve created a cootie catcher with camp side fortunes.

Download this PDF, print, fold and pack in your camp kit.

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No. 91: Around the Campfire

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No. 87: Fortunes for Road Trips

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Something about road trips tends to bring out a little crazy with all the fun. It’s like the full moon effect inside a small car.

I’ve been on long road trips where people, laughed, cried and screamed all before we got to our chosen destination.

Plus, there are snacks. Crazy roadside attractions. Friends. Stories. And the thrill of being on the open road. You’re going somewhere.

How will your next road trip go?

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out.

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No. 87: Fortunes for Road Trips


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No. 86: Emergency Airport Boredom Buster

Posted by on May 10, 2011 in Places | 0 comments

Sometimes the airport Gods just don’t smile down upon you.

You’re stuck with a long layover or your flight gets delayed. Maybe more than once.

Sure, you can kill a couple hours with your smart phone or iPad. But, eventually, even the Internet and App store can’t dull the boredom.

We implore you to choose this cootie catcher over airport rage. It’s full of ideas for spicing things up at the airport — both for you and other passengers.

Though we can’t guarantee you won’t catch some flack from security.

Download this PDF, print, fold and banish airport boredom.


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No. 86: Emergency Airport Boredom Buster




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