No. 84: Good Flight, Bad Flight

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I know what you’re thinking. Is there any such thing as a good flight these days?

I have hope. Especially since I’m flying to Spain on Tuesday (good karma, please!). This week I’m doing travel-related cootie catchers for all your summer wandering.

So how will your next flight go? This cootie catcher doesn’t keep you in suspense. It covers the good, the bad and the ugly.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out how your next flight will be.

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No. 84: Good Flight, Bad Flight

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No 31: Pick a Paint Color

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So, there’s a wall in my house. The one between the dining room (light blue) and the kitchen (bright orange) that my husband and I painted five different colors in about two weeks. (OK, mostly my husband did the painting.)

Seems like it should be easier to pick a paint color, right? Here’s a printable paper fortune teller to keep your life from being taken over by paint chips. And from painting and re-painting and maybe (ahem) wearing your very patient husband’s patience thin.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find the perfect paint color for any room.

No. 30: Pick a Paint Color

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No. 25: Your Future Home

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We all have dreams of where we might live someday. But what’s actually going to come true? Will you live in an abandoned school bus on the beach? A 32-room mansion with a pool, tennis court and seven-car garage? Or something in between?

It’s tough to say, but through the mystical powers of this paper fortune teller, you can get a head start on decorating ideas.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find your future home.

No. 25: Your Future Home

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No. 18: The “Win Big in Vegas” Cootie Catcher

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Vegas is never really kind to me. Neither is the casino across the border in Indiana. Usually, I decide to blow, say $50, and it’s pretty much gone in 15 minutes. Not a good money to fun ratio.

So for all the gambling underachievers like myself, I created this cootie catcher to guide us through the maze of the casino floor. (And, no, we can’t really guarantee you’ll “win big.”) But you’ll definitely set the other betters on edge as you consult your cootie catcher.

Download this PDF, print, fold, and use it as your personal gambling companion.

vegas paper fortune teller, cootie catcher

No. 18: The "Win Big in Vegas" Cootie Catcher


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