No. 185: Does everyone hate you?

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No matter how old I get, I still have what I call teen angst days.

It’s those times when you’re in such a serious funk that you start to think everyone hates you. And that your work projects all suck. And that people are giving you angry sneers like this guy on the left.

It’s enough to make you want to stomp your feet and throw a tantrum. Then call your mom and tell her about how unfair life is.

Except, you know, my mom’s a pretty awesome lady. So I made this cootie catcher to help us stop those crazy self-pity thoughts.

Just download this PDF, print, fold and get a little perspective.

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No. 181: What’s wrong with you?

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Wow, sometimes you just get a feeling that something’s wrong.

Maybe you’re worried about something small. Like having garlic breath after going to that awesome Italian place for lunch. Or it could be something huge. Am I going to get fired? Or do I have some horrible illness? Does everyone hate me?

The worries never end. Luckily, there’s the “What’s wrong with you?” cootie catcher to put things in perspective. Or play a practical joke on a friend or co-worker.

Just download this PDF, print fold and find out if you really need to worry.

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No. 177: Is your horoscope right?

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Is that a ram?

Why, yes it is. Thank you for asking. It also happens to be my sign. I’m an Aries, and apparently, we’re strong-willed rams.

And, actually, I fit pretty well into that description. But often I read my horoscope and thinks it’s a bunch of nonsense.

Later, though, I might start thinking about it again. Is there something to it? Should I take those words to heart?

That’s where this cootie catcher comes into play. Read your horoscope then use this cootie catcher to see how accurate each day’s really is.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out what’s what.

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No. 174: When will it stop?

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OK, so sometimes there’s something going on in your life that you just want to stop. Except, it seems like it will never end.

Maybe your 8-year-old never stops talking. Or you can’t kick a cold. Or your boss is being a total ass to you at work. Or you’re stuck on a cross-country road trip with your family.

The possibilities here are endless. So when you really need to know when it will stop, this cootie catcher is here to help.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out the truth.

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No. 172: Are you too bossy?

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Oh, wow, OK. It’s confession time.

Sometimes I can be a little bossy. I come by it naturally, I think. I’m an only child and no one in my family would be described as shy.

We’re more of the loud say-whatever-you’re-thinking variety.

But, you know, the bossiness thing is a fine line. You don’t want to alienate all your friends and loved ones.

So what about you? Are you too bossy? Would your friends, significant other and co-workers agree with that assessment?

Download this PDF, print, fold and discover the truth.

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No. 169: What’s wrong with me?

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So let’s skip right to the important stuff: Isn’t this the cutest stock photo you’ve ever seen? I confess the teddy bear with band-aids warmed my heart on a cold, fall afternoon.

That brings us to our next question: What’s wrong with me? Chances are you’ve posed this question to yourself, and there’s a whole slug of different ways to answer. But for this cootie catcher, we’re talking about our health.

You know. There’s a weird pain that comes and goes in your side. But it doesn’t seem serious enough to go to the doctor. But you can’t stop worrying about it. So you plug your symptoms into the Internet and begin to suspect you’re dying. It’s a real mood killer.

So instead of Google, might we suggest you put your hypochondriac energies into this cootie catcher?

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out what’s ailing you.


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