No. 168: Are You Passive Aggressive?

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This girl just looks passive aggressive, doesn’t she?

I bet you know her type. They’re always raining on the parade while blaming it on something or someone else. It’s super, super annoying. Especially if it’s a co-worker. Or someone in your social circle.

But what about you? Have you ever considered that you might be passive aggressive? Somehow getting on the nerves of other people with your behavior?

There’s only one way to know for sure.

Download this PDF, print fold and find out the truth.

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No. 161: Identify the Mystery Meat

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So, yeah, mystery meat.

It’s a meat that for whatever reason you can’t immediately identify.

There are all kinds of reasons you might run into this troubling substance.

Maybe you pulled a strange-looking Ziploc out of the freezer. Or tried out a cheap new restaurant in your neighborhood. Perhaps you’re at a dinner party gone awry.

In those situations, you want to know one thing: What the hell is this?

Tasting is dangerous, so arm yourself with this cootie catcher.

Download this PDF, print, fold and identify the mystery meat.

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No. 159: Do you over share?

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We’ve all been victims of the over share.

You may have tried to block it out of your mind, but you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Someone you didn’t know well–or just met at a party–spilled out a bunch of highly personal details in a fit of verbal diarrhea. You were trapped and desperately looking for an escape route.

But have you ever been the over sharer? Oh, sure, we all knee jerk to a “no” response. But if none of us are over sharers, who are they?

Maybe it’s time for a real gut check. To make sure your friends, co-workers or acquaintances aren’t secretly cringing.

Download this PDF, print, fold and discover the truth.

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No. 157: Do I Look Fat?

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No. Absolutely not.

I know, I know. Normally, I make you download the PDF and fold up a cootie catcher to find the answer. But I feel like in the “Do I look fat?” question,  fat doesn’t even mean fat. It means not good enough, not worthwhile, not smart, not funny and on and on and on.

So many messages tell us thin=good that all these things get mixed up. It makes me sad.

Sure, it’s good to be healthy, but I don’t think anyone’s worth or fabulosity has anything to do with a number on a scale. Or the size on your clothing tag.

OK, off my soapbox. I made a cootie catcher to give you a little self-esteem boost on those days when you stand in front of the mirror and ask “Do I look fat?” Because, well, most of us have them.

Download this PDF, print, fold and give yourself a boost.

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No. 156: So how’s your driving?

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Just about everyone claims to be a good driver. But are you really?

I myself have earned a totally undeserved reputation as a somewhat flaky driver. In fact, I’m often accused of coming to a stop rather abruptly. And hitting the gas with a certain gusto to start up again.

But I digress, we were talking about you. Do your friends and family think you’re as good of a driver as you do? How about the cops who hand out the tickets? Or the other motorists with their hand gestures?

Mmmhmm. We thought there might be something going on there.

It’s time to let the denial go and find out how the rest of the world feels about your driving skills.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out the truth.

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No. 152: Are you a snob?

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Have you noticed how many people desperately strive for snobbery these days?

Umm, most of the people on Real Housewives. Especially the ones pretending to be rich when they’re actually on the verge of bankruptcy. The Kardashians. I mean, I don’t even know what else they’re famous for, but maybe that’s because I’m old.

It used to be that you bristled when someone suggested you might be a snob. But some of these reality TV aspirations seem to be spilling over into real life.

There’s definitely a contingent that wants the trappings of snobbery if not the title. So I made you this cootie catcher to help sort out the snobs from the wannabees.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out your snob rating. Or give this to a likely candidate.

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