Free Printable: A Confetti Birthday Cootie Catcher

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So, long time, no post, right? I’ve been spending the last couple of months sprucing up the blog (let me know what you think of the new design!) and learning Photoshop.

It’s that last half that might be most important, because I’m making an effort to pretty up these paper fortune tellers. This one is what I like to call a “Cootie Card.” One thing better than a greeting card. It’s fun and unexpected and interactive!

So c’mon, you know someone has a birthday coming up. Just download this confetti birthday paper fortune teller, print it out, fold it up, and win some big friend points.

Also, the awesome confetti photos came from a Paper Pastries post  by Pugly Pixel. Thanks for the awesome blogs and goodies, ladies!

free printable birthday cootie catcher



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No. 146: Your State Fair Fate

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Dear Internet, it’s fair season, and I just spent a lovely night at the demolition derby. A tried-and-true Midwest tradition to please all ages.

But even if you’re one of those rare people who doesn’t like to watch cars smash into each other, you’ll still find something appealing at the fair. Funnel cakes. Lemon shake-ups. Carnival rides. Crafts. Farm animals.

Really, there’s no end to the wholesome fun. Get thee to the fair. This paper fortune teller gives you a preview of all the fun you’ll have.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find your fortune.

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No. 132: So You’re Turning 30

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We think cootie catchers are about 100 times better than birthday cards. See the “Next Better Thing to a Birthday Card” paper fortune teller for exhibit one.

Wouldn’t you feel special if someone folded up a cootie catcher and gave it to you on your birthday? It’s the perfect way to mark a milestone birthday like the big 3-0 with something a little out of the ordinary.

Here at The Daily Cootie Catcher, we could only wish to be so young (and thin!) again. But perhaps you’re not quite there yet. Or maybe a friend or family member is about to hit 30.

If so, have some fun with this “So You’re Turning 30″ paper fortune teller.

Download this PDF, print, fold and skip the boring birthday card.

30th birthday, milestone birthdays, birthday cootie catcher, birthday paper fortune teller

No. 132: So You're Turning 30

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No. 113: The Father’s Day Edition

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Did you remember it’s Father’s Day on Sunday?

Luckily, I thought ahead this year, and my gift is already winding its way toward my dad, who lives several states away, via UPS. In addition to the gift, I’m always scrambling for a Father’s Day card.

There are some good ones at the store, but many of them are cheesy and stereotypical, too. This paper fortune teller takes the place of a card and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It also makes great entertainment at a Father’s Day barbecue.

Download this PDF, print, fold and make your dad’s day.

holidays, father's day, dads, dad, touching, family

No. 113: The Father's Day Edition


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No. 106: A Cootie Catcher for Bridal Showers

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Whenever I’m invited to a bridal shower or wedding, I have a hard time finding a card I really like.

The ones at the store seem to be on the sappy side for my tastes, and I’m too much of a procrastinator to have ordered a kick-ass one in advance from Etsy.

So what’s a slacker to do when she’s card-less at noon and needs to be at a shower at 2 p.m.? Download and print out this cootie catcher. It makes a great card and a fun addition to your gift.

And best of all, it mixes heartfelt (but not sappy) sentiment with some cheekier fortunes.

Download this PDF, print, fold and make a bride happy.

wedding shower, bridal shower, shower cards

No. 106: Fortunes for the Bride

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No. 104: Rock the Baby Shower

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At some point in her life, every woman hosts a baby shower.

This almost always means coming up with some games. Preferably ones that don’t suck. Personally, I’m against anything that involves toilet paper or clothes pins.

So what’s a hip hostess to do? These baby shower paper fortune tellers help guests interact with each other and learn some fun stuff about the guest of honor.

How’s it work? Ask the mom-to-be to answer the questions in the fortune teller ahead of time. Then guests take a shot at whatever question the cootie catcher throws at them. It’s a fun starting point for discussion — and laughs — or you can give out a small prize when there’s a right answer.

Think of it as an ice breaker that doubles as a wicked table decoration if you print out two or three on scrapbooking paper.

Download this PDF, print, fold and throw a rockin’ shower.

baby shower cootie catcher, baby shower paper fortune teller, baby shower games

No. 104: Rock the Baby Shower

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