No. 90: Bachelorette Party Truth or Dare

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Throwing a bachelorette party can be fun. But it can also be stressful.

How are you going to keep everyone entertained and having fun?

I once created an elaborate scavenger hunt for a friend called “The Amazing Bachelorette Race.”

But I think you can spice things up without so much work (it took a lot of time to plan and execute a full-scale scavenger hunt).

To spice up a night out, I created this Truth or Dare cootie catcher. It’s a twist on the classic game. The cootie catcher either gives you a dare or a question to answer. Think of it as luck of the draw.

Take it with you on the town and make the bride choose a fortune at each bar. Or pass it around to spread the fun and laughs.

Download this PDF, print, fold and have a blast!

No. 90: Bachelorette Truth or Dare

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No. 89: The Doomsday Edition

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So the end of the world is the hot topic day. But have you noticed how a lot of the talk is pretty negative?

We’re optimists here at The Daily Cootie Catcher, so we think there’s a bright side to just about everything. Even the apocalypse.

Find out what you should be looking forward to about the end of the world. We heard it might happen at 6 p.m. tomorrow, but we’re not sure if that’s Pacific or Eastern.

Plan accordingly.

Download this PDF, print, fold and look on the bright side.

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No. 88: You Graduated. Now What?

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The Daily Cootie Catcher is back from vacation in Spain. In fact, the trip inspired this cootie catcher.

My husband and I went to Madrid for our nephew’s college graduation, and we started talking about our own graduations. The stuff we worried about too much. And not enough. And what we might have done differently.

So I created this non-preachy paper fortune teller for recent grads It works for high school or college. It’s a fun thing to add to the top of a gift or in addition to a card.

It’s also a great conversation starter for a family graduation party. If you could go back and give yourself advice at graduation, what would it be? Please share in the comments.

Download this PDF, print, fold and give to a recent grad.

chatterbox, mash fortunes, paper fortune tellers, cootie catcher

No. 88: You Graduated. Now What?

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No. 72: Tropical Drink Recipe Generator

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These are some of the delicious tropical drinks I had last year on my honeymoon in Hawaii. Alas, I did not come home with any of the recipes.

It’s almost summer, and I think we’ll all have some occasions that call for tropical drinks. (And if we don’t, we should make some up.)

Just keep in mind the wise words of  Peggy Olsen on Mad Men, “You need three ingredients for a cocktail. Vodka and Mountain Dew is an emergency.”

Dear reader, I don’t ever want you to be in such a bind. So I created this Tropical Drink Recipe Generator in the form of a cootie catcher.

Start with a blender. Add rum ice and two ingredients from this paper fortune teller. Pour into a glass, add the little umbrella (it’s not really a tropical drink without it) and enjoy!

Download this PDF, print, fold, mix and drink up!

print out cootie catcher, chatterbox,

No. 72: Tropical Drink Recipe Generator


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No. 66: Unofficial Royal Wedding Fortunes

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I hope there’s a dog like that in the Royal Wedding. Wouldn’t that truly make it the event of the century?

Sarcasm aside, I probably will tune in for part of the nuptials. It’s hard to resist. But on the flip side, I’m sooo fed up with all the coverage predicting every detail of the royal wedding.

Every day I get a press release where the publicist made a weak attempt to tie a client to the royal wedding. Closet organizers! Just like what Kate will need when she has a royal wardrobe!

OK, I made that one up. And some royal wedding predictions of my own. To get you through the next nine days. Or watching the festivities on TV. I’m guess there will be some slow spots even all those hats can’t fill.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out what’s really going to happen at the royal wedding.

print out cootie catchers, paper fortune tellers, origami fortunes

No. 66: Unofficial Royal Wedding Fortunes

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No. 17: Will He Propose?

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I’m not the kind of gal who thinks everyone should get married. But when/if you do meet someone who you’d like to tie the knot with, it can be excruciating to wait for the proposal.

I actually knew my husband had bought a ring a couple months before he popped the question. So, naturally, I became completely obsessed with when it would happen. Every time we went out to dinner, talked on the phone or ran to the store for ice cream, I’d think, “Will it happen now?” “How about now?”

To save yourself from a similar fate, download this PDF, print, fold and find out if he’s planning to propose.

cootie catcher, paper fortune teller

No. 17: Will He Propose?


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