No. 164: Hooker or College Student?

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Really, this cootie catcher is a sign that I’m old.

I live near a college campus and lately, my neighbors and I have noticed how scantily the girls seem to dress on the weekend. We’re talking 6-inch heels, super short skirts, low-cut tops, heavy make-up.

It often resembles the Hollywood version of a prostitute. See what I mean? I’m one of those old people complaining about how the young folks dress.

So this all leads to a pressing question: Is she a hooker or a college student?

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out the truth.

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No. 160: Your Fortune for Fall

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It’s fall, and here in Ohio, it has FINALLY stopped raining.

And in place of all those rain drops, we’ve been having those fabulous fall days with the gorgeous leaves, crisp air and perfect temperatures.

I hope these last as long as possible. I’m doing my best to get outside and enjoy every one of them.

Besides good weather, there are all kinds of other great things in fall: pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, boot shopping — the honeycrisp apple I’m eating right now.

Do I need to go on?

Here’s a cootie catcher to give you a glimpse of what your fall holds.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find your fortune.


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No. 158: Is today the day?

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Sometimes you’re waiting for something. But you’re not sure exactly when it’s going to happen.

Maybe you just interviewed for a job, and you’re waiting for the phone call. Or you’re pregnant and past your due date. Or you think your boyfriend is going to propose soon but you’re not sure when.

There are a million examples. Sometimes you’re waiting for a good thing to happen. Other times, it might be something you’re dreading.

Either way, it would be handy to know if today is indeed the day. This cootie catcher can help.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find out what the day holds.

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No. 155: Your Fantasy Football Fate

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Fall means football season. And even more important for many, it’s fantasy football season.

I confess that I barely paid this pastime much notice until I met my husband. He regularly plays on two or three teams a season. It requires a lot of time picking out an avatar and team name. Then there’s a lot of  trash talking the other people  in your league.

But will you win? This is an important question. Especially since many leagues kick in cash for a small winner’s jackpot.

Enough money to make you overlook channel switching to games no one cares about to check on key players during, oh, an episode of Project Runway.

Download this PDF, fold it up and find your virtual gridiron fate.

No. 155: Your Fantasy Football Fate

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No. 151: Will it stop raining?

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So last week it was 100 degrees here in Ohio. Now it’s in the 70s. I’m thankful for the fall-like temperatures, but you know what I’m not so crazy about?

The non-stop rain. It’s overcast. And chilly. And dreary. Not a ray of sunshine in sight. So, basically, there’s no way to really enjoy these great temperatures.

Except, well, to curl up on the couch with some hot tea and a book. But I’ll have plenty of time for that come winter. I’d like a few more sunny days for hiking, biking and digging around in my garden.

All of which led to today’s pressing cootie catcher question: Will it ever stop raining?

Download this PDF, print, fold and find your weather fortune.

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No. 145: Your Junk Food Soul Mate

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Mmmm, gummy bears.

Most of us have some sort of junk food weakness. It might be the mysterious, tasty cream filling in a Twinkie. Or the pleasant crunch of Nerds. Or maybe just something more pedestrian like chocolate chip cookies.

Nonetheless, the junk food you love most may not be your true soul mate. If you had to stick with one junk food forever, which one would really suit you?

It’s a tough question. Would I choose chocolate? Or pizza? This paper fortune teller offers some guidance.

Download this PDF, print, fold and find your true junk food love.

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