No. 187: Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House

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When I tell people I make cootie catchers, they often say, “What the heck is that?” But once in a while someone gets super-duper excited and starts talking a gazillion miles an hour about MASH fortunes.

It’s THE classic paper fortune teller. MASH stands for “Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House.”

These specialized little cootie catchers look into the future and tell you what kind of digs you’ll live in when you grow up. (Or, hey, if you’re an adult, I’d say it’s a 10-year prediction.)

Of course, no one wants the shack. But it’s in there for comic relief. So your friends can imagine you roughing it while they count the rooms in their future mansions. If your friends really love you, maybe they’ll build you a shack out by the pool.

Luckily, you don’t even have to make your own to try it out. Just download this PDF, print, fold and have some fun.

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No. 186: Your Mad Men Character

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Yep, that’s me as a Mad Men character on the left. In case it isn’t obvious, I’m the curvy blonde in the middle. (You can Mad Men yourself right here.)

I’m super excited that the new season is finally here, and I think half the fun of watching is thinking about which Mad Men character you’d be. You know, if you could time travel back to this fictional TV office universe.

As much as I’d like to imagine that I’d be a sex pot like Joan or Megan, I think Peggy is probably more my speed. We’re both copywriters and a little overly obsessed with our careers. And, well, fashion and make-up really aren’t my things.

So how about you? Which character do you wish you could be for a week? And which one are you most like in real life?

This cootie catcher can answer the latter. Just download this PDF, print, fold and find out. Please share which character you got in the comments–and why you are or aren’t like him or her!

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No. 185: Does everyone hate you?

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No matter how old I get, I still have what I call teen angst days.

It’s those times when you’re in such a serious funk that you start to think everyone hates you. And that your work projects all suck. And that people are giving you angry sneers like this guy on the left.

It’s enough to make you want to stomp your feet and throw a tantrum. Then call your mom and tell her about how unfair life is.

Except, you know, my mom’s a pretty awesome lady. So I made this cootie catcher to help us stop those crazy self-pity thoughts.

Just download this PDF, print, fold and get a little perspective.

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No. 184: Is it a prank?

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Just a friendly heads-up to all you cootie catcher fanatics: Sunday is April Fool’s Day.

That’s right. A day of pranks, jokes and looking over your shoulder. We think all pranks should involve the classic rubber chicken. Then they’d be easy to spot. But, oh no. Your friends are much too clever and cunning for such an obvious ruse.

They’re going to fake pregnancies and phone calls from police detectives. Or create some maddening disturbance in your cube that makes everyone hate you for a day. All while keeping a straight face.

Luckily, we’ve created this paper fortune teller to help you separate the truth from a prank.

Just download this PDF, print, fold and avoid embarassment.

Were you hoping for prank ideas? Just print out the Will You Get Fired? or Are You With Child? cootie catchers and place them strategically in your victim’s path.

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No. 183: Will Your House Sell?

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It’s spring. And that means the real estate market is heating up right along with the thermometer.

A few signs have popped up on my street just in the past couple of weeks. My nosy, prying self even went to a neighbor’s open house just to see what it looked like. But like anyone selling a house, I’m sure he was thinking, “Will this sell?” (OK, and maybe, “Why must all the rubber-necking neighbors come through?”)

So for everyone hoping to turn that For Sale sign into a Sold one, I’ve created this cootie catcher. It’s mystical powers may help predict the likelihood of you finding a buyer.

Just download this PDF, print, fold and find your house-selling fortune.

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No. 182 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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shamrock, St. Patrick's DayIt’s almost time for everyone’s favorite excuse to drink green beer. Ooops, I meant St. Patrick’s Day. It’s on Saturday! Consider this your official reminder to wear green.

No matter how you celebrate you may need some help getting in a shamrock-rainbow-leprechaun kind of  mood. So I made this cootie catcher for all the Irish (and Irish for a day) adults out there who want to celebrate on Saturday. Fold one up for a party, happy hour or to have a little fun at work on Friday.

Plus, we hear this paper fortune teller is luckier than a four-leaf clover. What’s to lose?

Just download this PDF print, fold and find your St. Patrick’s Day fortune.

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No. 181: What’s wrong with you?

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Wow, sometimes you just get a feeling that something’s wrong.

Maybe you’re worried about something small. Like having garlic breath after going to that awesome Italian place for lunch. Or it could be something huge. Am I going to get fired? Or do I have some horrible illness? Does everyone hate me?

The worries never end. Luckily, there’s the “What’s wrong with you?” cootie catcher to put things in perspective. Or play a practical joke on a friend or co-worker.

Just download this PDF, print fold and find out if you really need to worry.

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